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Counting Numbers

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Photographing birthdays are always a special occasion. The family, love and fun always provide a great ambience.

This particular event was for the birthday of a 3 year old girl. Bursting with energy and excitement, she wasn't interested in posing at all.

The photo session was inside the house - and she was running all over the place, creating some great candid shots. However, this meant it was extremely difficult to get some still poses that her parents had especially asked for.

As time passed by, I developed a strategy to get her attention - to become her friend. By pretending to be ignorant about counting, I asked her to become my teacher and teach me how to count numbers up to 10 and show me her new gifts.

This gave me the opportunity to develop rapport with her and click some fantastic posed shots.

The result was happy parents and wonderful shots!

Teaching the photographer

Tired little one

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